Mandela's Suitcase and Colors from the World

The exhibition of “Mandela's Suitcase and Colors from the World” will be exhibited at the Şebnem Bahar Art & Design Gallery under the curator of İbrahim Karaoğlu.

“Mandela's Suitcase and Colors from the World” exhibition is a special selection of art objects by artists including Günther Uecker, Jörg Immendorf, Jean Miotte, Owusu-Ankomah, M.Bethe-Sélassié, Mo Edoga, EL Loko, Sol LeWitt, Nam June Paik, Allen Jones, Esther Malangu, Nils Burwitz, Sokari Douglas Camp painters; Andre Lanskoy,Andre Masson, Hans Hartung and Robert Combas.

"Mandela's Suitcase" was first exhibited by Ernst August Quensen at the Hannover 2000 Expo in Germany and in a special wooden suitcase made by Owusu Ankomah; Günther Uecker, Germany by Jörg Immendorf, Germany by Jean Miotte, France - Owusu-Ankomah, Ghana - M.Bethe-Sélassié, Ethiopia - Mo Edoga, Nigeria - EL Loko, Togo - Sol LeWitt, USA - Name June Paik, United States - Allen Jones, United Kingdom - Esther Malangu, South Africa - Nils Burwitz, Spain - Sokari Douglas Camp is made up of 13 international artists' lithographs from three continents, and has traveled all over the world since.

The world-famous collector Ernst August Quensen, with the understanding “There will be no future without art”, aims to contribute to the Children of Chernobyl and Mandela's Children. In the scope of social responsibility projects, exhibits the paintings in important museums and galleries, It is a culture and art person who supports illuminating projects and cares about intercultural dialogue.

Ernst August Quensen, the world's largest lithography workshop in Lamspringe, Germany, has met and produced many of the world's most important painters many times. Quensen's very special works of these meetings; He has exhibited in dozens of museums around the world, mainly in the US and Europe, and has received the admiration of thousands of people.