Women Holding Light to Art

Şebnem Bahar Art & Design Gallery and TOBB Antalya Women Entrepreneurs Council will open their doors on March 11, 2017.

There are some that both leave a trace and light in life, they are remembered with the work they left. In this exhibition, in order for the past to shed light on the future; We have exhibited together the women who have left their mark and the women holding the light.

Şebnem Bahar

 Art & Design Gallery

On the basis of entrepreneurship and art, there are creativity, future dreams, labor, patience. Art is a different way of portraying dreams, but it is a completely different way of producing. When we interpret entrepreneurship in every field, we have forgotten entrepreneurship in art. We are honored by the artists of '' Artistic '' entrepreneurship, who are working for the art to not be defeated by the economic concerns of art, not to turn into labor, to be sustainable and to shed light on the artists of the future.

Serap Kocaoğlu, Chairman of the Executive Committee of the Women Entrepreneurs Council of TOBB Antalya